Recipe For One Minute Chocolate Brownie

Recipe For One Minute Chocolate Brownie :

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prepare: 2 min
cook: 1 min
number of servings: 1




-1 tbsp whole wheat flour
-1 tbsp sugar (do not substitute)
-1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa
-a pinch of baking soda
-a pinch of salt
-one tbsp of low fat vanilla yogurt, add more if needed to blend the mixture



mix all ingredients until combined in a mug. Pop it in the microwave for just over a minute.

nutritionnnel infos :

servings per recipe: 1
serving size: 1 serving
amount per serving
calories94. 5
total fat1. 1 g
saturated fat0. 6 g
polyunsaturated fat0. 1 g
monounsaturated fat0. 3 g
cholesterol0. 9 mg
sodium224. 6 mg
potassium137. 9 mg
total carbohydrate22. 1 g
dietary fiber2. 7 g
sugars14. 1 g
protein2. 6 g
smartpoints: 4